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Our Mission

The Mission of Mory Fitness is to improve the quality and longevity of the lives of its members. Employing fitness, education, and community as the primary tools for significant, sustainable, and transcendent benefit to mind, body, and spirit.


Our Vision

The Vision of Mory Fitness is to serve, benefit, and grow others.  Our commitment to our core beliefs empowers us to stand apart.  We won’t rest in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of our members, their families, and the greater community. Fitness is the vessel. People are the purpose.


Our Story

We are a locally owned fitness company, born in a pandemic, fueled by faith, and committed  to being the best at what we do. It began as early as my physical education classes in elementary school, my love for physical activity. That love took on rapid maturation in sports where I was the beneficiary of some great male and female coaches, role models, and leaders. All of these influences collectively carved, shaped, and challenged my character and resolve. As early as pee wee football my passion is why I stood out. I loved activity and sport, and time and again when the opportunity  for a coach to build a young man up came, there it was, his passion.

That passion is still just as hot as it was then. Wanting to share that passion with others, I entered college with the goal of becoming a coach. As life unfolded that path diverted, and I brought my passion and leadership into the professional world. I made a name for myself everywhere I went within big box retail with my passion for excellence, my servant style leadership, and my drive to get the best out of everyone around me. Fueled by my maturing faith and trust in God, I took a huge gamble and left a career I built over 14 years. I would not find peace putting my passion into something that I had no passion for.

I began my career as a personal trainer splitting time between local gyms and boot camps. I would come to make a name for myself by, you guessed it, my passion- experienced by my clients as motivation, enthusiasm, and authenticity. Once again I would find myself conflicted, I came to understand that I wouldn’t find the satisfaction I was looking for under another banner. I would only find it under my own. This is a brief version of how Mory Fitness came to be.

In an industry riddled with gimmicks, attractive rhetoric, pseudo-celebrities in the form of self-appointed fitness influencers, get fit quick schemes, and cog in the machine franchises.

I invite you to check us out at Mory Fitness. No fast talking, no pseudo-science, no hamster wheel programming, no hidden agenda. A professional trainer with an unyielding desire to share my enthusiasm, education, experience, and understanding of exercise with others in order to help them achieve their goals and better their lives.



Authentic relationships built on camaraderie, healthy competition, a commitment to encouragement, and a mutual desire to see others reach and surpass their health and fitness goals. I’ve met and forged a relationship with some of the most amazing people in my time training. I’ve watched countless acquaintances become incredibly deep friendships, and amazing training accountability partners. There is a sense of belonging that can’t be forced, scripted, or choreographed. Everyone has an incredible respect for one another, if for nothing else, an understanding of their commitment to their health.

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from The University of North Texas

Certified Personal Trainer – National Strength and Conditioning Association

BLS/CPR Certified- American Heart Association

4+ years’ experience

Large Group Boot Camp Instructor

Small Group Trainer

Personal Trainer

How my clients describe me – energetic, enthusiastic, motivating, tough, professional, comprehensive, relatable, excellent.

Don’t take my word for it, take theirs!



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